Meeting The Needs Of Your Architectural Millwork

Custom architectural millwork interior decor is what set spaces apart. These products include all the custom wooden trim, accents and decorative fixtures spaced throughout a home or business. Architects and builders typically install them into new builds, but they also make perfect additions to residential and commercial remodeling projects.

At Compass Hardwoods, we specialize in custom architectural woodwork and millwork manufacturing. Our team can make all the different millworking products you need to add form, function and unique aesthetic appeal to your projects. Our team will follow your requests to match any décor style and fit any size space.

Quality Architectural Millwork and Residential Products

Architectural millworking covers virtually any wooden trim, accents and fixtures built into the room. As part of the build, these products provide a fluid and seamless finished look. They are typically produced based on detailed drawings or using your provided architectural millwork specifications.

At Compass Hardwoods, we produce all our architectural millwork products using quality hardwoods and softwoods from sustainable suppliers. We give you complete control over your profiles, wood species, style and finish to build one-of-a-kind pieces that will set your next project apart.

Our architectural millwork includes some of the most attractive features you see in homes and businesses. These can consist of a wide range of different items, including the following:

  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Shelving
  • Paneling
  • Cabinets
  • Custom moldings
  • Staircase parts
  • Curved moldings
  • Railings and balusters

The Advantages of Architectural Molding From Compass Hardwoods

Adding our architectural molding and millwork into any home or business will transform the space for the better. We can produce minimalist accents to catch the eye or build a series of wooden fixtures that blend seamlessly together — or provide an exciting contrast. Our shop has a massive stock of lumber ready to run, with over 1,000 pre-made profiles available and the capability to create your custom design.

Our solid-wood trim, molding and other products also deliver multiple benefits regardless of the project size or design complexity, including:

    • Complete customization: With any of our custom millwork, you get to select the wood species, stain, profile, dimensions and finish for something truly unique.
    • High production quality: We have years of experience backed by the shop space, resources and skilled craftspeople to create wooden products of exceptional quality.
    • Expert support: We are professional wood crafters and millwork designers. If you have an idea but need some support to take it across the finish line, we can help.

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At Compass Hardwoods, we make it easy to order the items you need to complete any project. Our custom architectural woodwork and millwork manufacturing processes are simple. If you need assistance, we’ll help you with making important decisions along the way. We can recommend which species of wood to use, what profiles look best and whether you should finish your millwork with paint, stain or a clear coat to enhance the natural grain.

Ready to get started with our architectural millwork company in PA? We’re ready to help! Please fill out our contact form to book a phone consultation with our team. You can also call us at (610) 857-2600.

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