Baseboards are essential transitional pieces between the walls and flooring. These elements typically go on with new walls or new floors and are virtually mandatory for new residential or commercial construction projects. 

At Compass Hardwoods, we craft custom-made baseboard molding profiles for the exact look you want. All of our custom baseboard trim molding is made to meet your unique demands and shipped safely to your location.

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Custom Made Baseboard Molding Made Using Solid Wood

We produce baseboards using solid wood sourced from trusted lumber suppliers right here in the U.S. We’ve worked with these partners for years and can get practically any species of wood for your desired appearance while sticking to your project budget.

While selecting a wood species is a lot about getting the right look, it’s also about durability. Baseboards sit at floor level, so they need to handle the amount of foot traffic you expect to get. Our team has you covered and will review everything you need to consider.

At Compass Hardwoods, we craft custom home and business baseboard molding from quality hardwoods and softwoods. Species we often work with include:

  • Cherry: Cherry wood is gorgeous. This species has rich depth and often goes well with darker-colored walls, like those in deep reds and greens, to create the ideal balance.
  • Maple: Maple is a dense, light-colored wood that makes any room brighter. Baseboards made from maple go well in contemporary spaces and take stains easily.
  • Pine: Pine is a common and attractive softwood that is generally a more affordable option. Pine baseboards look good with a stain but will most often get a coat of paint as a finish.
  • Oak: Oak is one of the most durable options for baseboards. It is also one of the most elegant hardwoods, and it’s popular for trim in commercial buildings and luxury homes.
  • Walnut: Walnut is an intriguing hardwood that has an unmistakable dark appearance. In most cases, walnut baseboards receive clear-coat finishes to accent their natural beauty.
  • Poplar:  The most common used species for paint grade moldings.

These are only a few suggestions. If you have a different type of wood you want to use, please let us know. If we don’t have it in our extensive in-shop inventory, we’ll start sourcing it immediately to help your project stay on schedule.

Why Use Custom Baseboard Trim?

With custom baseboard molding, you get to control every aspect of your design. You also get to ensure your finished product matches perfectly and is made to last. At Compass Hardwoods, we have hundreds of profile designs available and ready for immediate production. Our team can also produce custom-made baseboard molding profiles to match your vision in any wood species, any finish and any size volume.

Get a Quote for Custom Baseboard Molding

To get custom baseboard trim molding made the way you want, talk to our team. Contact us to set up a consultation so we can get to know your goals and learn what you need. Every order receives our full attention, and we will create a custom quote that you can rely on, complete with sample drawings of how your final trim will look.

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