Chair rail is one of the most elegant accents you can include in any residential or commercial project. At Compass Hardwoods, we specialize in producing custom millwork, including chair rail made from solid wood. We provide the entire industry, including architects, suppliers, commercial contractors and installers, with products made in the U.S. and built to match your preferences.


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What Is Custom Wood Chair Rail Molding Used For?

Chair rails are classic design accents suitable for installation in homes and many different businesses. These attractive wood accents mount on the wall around the same height as a chair back — usually about three feet off the floor.

Wood chair rail profiles are generally painted or stained to add stunning visual appeal to any room. They are popular:

  • For residential chair rail projects: In homes, chair rails are common in living rooms, breakfast nooks, dining areas and foyers. This prevalence is due to their looks and the home protection they provide against damage caused by moving furniture.
  • In commercial chair rail builds: Chair rail trim pieces are commonly used in many commercial designs, including businesses in the health care and hospitality industries. They are also perfect for offices, lobbies and busy common areas.

Chair rails can be as simple or ornate as you want. They typically get a finish that matches the baseboards, crown molding and other chair rail trim. You can also stain them to complement your floors and any other architectural millwork included in the space.

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Custom Wooden Chair Rail Molding in Any Quantity

We mill all of our wood chair rail profiles from sustainably sourced hardwoods and softwoods. Other options exist on the market, but wooden products will always deliver the best look and lasting durability. Wood offers unique depth and versatility, and you can select from different species to get your preferred finished appearance.

Wood selection depends on several factors. Whether you plan to paint, stain or apply a clear coat will affect which species best meets your needs. You will also want to think about how much abuse your rails will have to take over the years.

We can source virtually any wood you need for the perfect wood chair rail profiles. Our most common requests include:

  • Poplar: Poplar is a softwood often used for chair rails that will be painted to match the room trim.
  • Oak: Oak is a dense and attractive wood option for residential or commercial applications.
  • Maple: Maple is a popular hardwood that takes almost any wood stain exceptionally well.
  • Cherry: If a home or business has cherry fixtures, we can make cherry chair rails to match.
  • Poplar: Poplar is a hardwood that looks like pine with a tighter grain. It is typically painted.

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At Compass Hardwoods, we have over 1,000 chair rail molding profiles available for you to browse. If you have a unique design in mind, let us know, and we’ll create custom chair rail moldings that meet or exceed your every expectation.

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