Crown molding makes an elegant addition to any room. It is popular in commercial and residential applications, but curved spaces require special attention. If you have rooms with walls that bend in or bow outward or feature arched windows and doors, you’ll need curved molding that follows the curved outline.

At Compass Hardwoods, we’ll help you get the solutions you need with custom moldings built to your exact specifications. Our team will help you turn the walls you’re working on into eye-catching architectural features that add depth, increase visual appeal and boost property value.


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The Difference Between Convex, Concave and Arched Moldings

There are three different types of curved molding — convex, concave and arched. Which style you require will depend on the space you want to enhance. All are available in the profiles we offer for your custom design. The differences lie in the application:

  • Convex molding: Convex moldings fit outside corners. The face radius curves outward, with a design that resembles the outline of a circle.
  • Concave molding: Concave moldings bow inward, with a shape made for inside corners. The face radius resembles the side of an hourglass.
  • Arched molding: Arched moldings bow upward, pointing at the ceiling instead of inside or outside the room. They install onto flat walls and surfaces.

Where Is Curved Molding Best Used?

Curved molding has multiple applications in new construction and remodeling. When you order a custom product through our curved molding shop, you open the door for even more opportunities. At Compass Hardwoods, we craft half-circle, partial-arc and ellipse moldings. We offer a vast selection of wood species, creating molding that fits precise measurements and complements different spaces.

The custom moldings we manufacture will make any room look more elegant and attractive. They are suitable for virtually any curved surface, with typical applications including the following:

  • Along curved walls
  • Inside window bays
  • Around curved doors
  • Over arched windows
  • Over arched doorways
  • Around circular windows

Available Profiles

We manufacture to virtually any radius or arch size.  Due to our extensive machinery and inventory of cutters we are able to create a curved molding out of any of our molding profiles.

Talk to us about the look you want to achieve. Our design experts will help you decide which will deliver your optimal result.

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At Compass Hardwoods, we specialize in crafting custom molding and millworking in PA. Our company can produce orders of any size, with multiple species in stock and ready to mill. We have over a thousand molding profiles ready to run. We also offer the option to create a new cutter with a custom profile that matches your vision.

Visit our curved molding shop located in Gap, Pennsylvania, to chat with our team, talk about your project and see how we do things in person. You can also get in touch with us to request a quote using our contact form or by calling (610) 857-2600.


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