If you’re producing trim in any volume, our molder blanks can help you save time, reduce costs and deliver a quality finished result. They let you eliminate multiple steps when crafting custom profile moldings, so you can start producing your finished product right away.

At Compass Hardwoods, we can produce an extensive selection of molder blanks. They are ripped for width, production-ready and come in a wide selection of species. Blanks are also available in specified lengths.


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The Benefits of Buying Pre-Cut Molder Blanks

If you’re producing trim for any size project, there are many reasons to consider buying pre-cut molder blanks instead of milling your own. Some of the best benefits you can take advantage of when you order molder blanks from Compass Hardwoods include:

  • Less waste: We’ve already processed the lumber. You’ll have considerably fewer wood scraps to dispose of and will produce less waste when making your trim.
  • More savings: Ripping boards takes time, and expensive specialized machinery. You can remove those tasks from the equation by purchasing molder blanks.
  • Better trim: We use premium hardwoods and rip blanks to precise widths and thicknesses. The high quality helps you create premium trim with consistent results.
  • Added space: Molder blanks are already milled to the width and thickness you require. It’s easier to create uniform stacks, and pre-cut boards take up less space.
  • Less Storage: You will not need stacks and stacks of lumber if you order in blanks as they are needed for a job.
  • Simplified pricing: With molder blanks, you’ll save time calculating the project cost. They’ll make it easier to provide accurate bids and gain more control over overhead costs.

We Offer Blanks in Whatever Species You Need

At Compass Hardwoods, we are a proud supplier of molding blanks sourced from sustainable lumber operations. Our supplier network provides us with ready access to virtually every wood type suited for making trim, including domestic and exotic species.

We know how different woods react to paint, stains, clear coats and high-traffic areas. You can trust our design team to make an appropriate recommendation and help you select from what we have available. You can also provide us with your preferred species, and we’ll source it for you.

Some of the hardwood and softwood species we keep in our regular inventory include:

  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Poplar
  • Walnut
  • Sapele
  • Red oak
  • White oak

Buy Molding Blanks From Compass Hardwoods Today

Start using molder blanks, and you’ll be making more trim more quickly and with less operational overhead. We’re happy to help you navigate all the options we offer to see what works best for you, whether you’re building your inventory or fulfilling a customer request.

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