Shoe molding is decorative millwork that makes any room look polished. With baseboard shoe molding made to all your custom specifications, you can offer even better results. At Compass Hardwoods, we produce quality shoe molding using solid wood. We support residential and commercial projects of any size with a simplified ordering process, superior communication and rapid molding production.


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Why Use Shoe Molding?

In practically any home or business, there’s a gap between the baseboards and the floor. These gaps are unattractive, drafty and create avenues that insects can use to enter the room. When it comes to sealing the gap between your baseboards and the floor, you have options. Shoe molding is one, and quarter-round provides the alternative.

While these products each serve the same general purpose in trimming out the room, sealing a baseboard with shoe molding is preferable and offers unique advantages:

  • It is more attractive: Shoe molding is unquestionably the more decorative option in both residential and commercial applications. It is the ideal choice for giving any room, of any size, a refined and well-finished look.
  • It offers more flexibility: Shoe molding is easier to install and more forgiving than quarter-round, especially in rooms with bowed walls or uneven floors. It also has a flatter profile that better balances baseboard width.

Custom Wooden Baseboard With Shoe Molding

At Compass Hardwoods, we make all of our shoe moldings using quality wood. These products get their name from being at shoe-level, and shoe moldings made from solid wood will stand up to the abuse of scuffing and heavy foot traffic year after year.

Our inventory includes a massive selection of different wood species that we can use to produce your order. Once it’s complete, we can paint, stain or apply a clear-coat finish for the exact look you have in mind. If there’s a unique wood, paint or stain you want to use, just let us know — we’ll make it happen.

In most cases, we create custom shoe molding to match the floors or other trim in the room. We make that easy to achieve with a wide selection of quality lumber that includes:

  • Poplar: Poplar is a popular hardwood and the most common choice for shoe moldings destined for a paint coat.
  • Walnut: Walnut is perfect for rooms with dark walnut trim, flooring and walls featuring complementary colors.
  • Oak: If you have oak floors or oak baseboard trim, selecting shoe molding made from the same will look best.
  • Maple: Maple is a light-color hardwood you can paint or stain that provides extra durability in high-traffic areas.

When you create custom moldings, you also get to choose the profile. We have an existing catalog of over 1,000 available. We can also craft custom shoe molding to your exact measurements and requests for one-of-a-kind capstone pieces ideal for any remodel, renovation or new building.

Start Your Baseboard Shoe Molding Custom Order Today

Order today using any of our available designs, or work with our team to create your own. We always provide accurate quotes and make sure you are happy with your drawings before we start building. All orders start with a consultation, and we can schedule yours when it works best for you.

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