Tongue and Groove Boards For Custom Molding

Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove is a highly effective method of joining wood pieces that often don’t require adhesives or fasteners. These strong joints fit together perfectly on their own, which helps protect the wood from cracking when it swells or shrinks due to moisture and temperature changes.

At Compass Hardwoods, our skilled team can craft custom products for your needs to help you benefit from the beauty and strength of this construction technique. We provide precise tongue and groove boards that you can use for everything from flooring to ceiling applications.


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Custom Tongue and Groove Joints

Tongue and groove joints are popular because of their unique design, which enables you to skip the glue and screws when assembling them. This quality is due to the puzzle piece-like design of the boards. Each piece has a tongue, or protruding section, on one side and a complementary groove on the other. During assembly, these parts combine to form the strong connections these joints are famous for.

You can choose from several types of tongue and groove lumber. Some options, like bead board, add more line elements to the design, while others, like square edge patterns, only have single lines where the panels meet.

If you are debating whether to use tongue and groove lumber for your project, here are some benefits you may appreciate:

  • Reliable construction: These joints are often stronger than other options because of how they fit together, giving you greater peace of mind.
  • Fast installation: You or your installation team can assemble these woodworking joints quickly due to how easily they fit together without nails or glue.
  • Seamless appearance: Tongue and groove boards provide a classic, smooth appearance that complements almost every interior style design.

Compass Hardwoods offers these products in our available heartwood and sapwood species so that you can have the material look and strength you want.

What Are the Uses of Tongue and Groove?

Some popular applications of this woodworking joint include:


One way to use this joint is for your flooring. With these boards, you can enjoy a smooth floor without nails, which can help you appreciate the wood’s knots and colors more.

Wall Paneling

Whether you want the rustic feel of a wooden cabin or the clean, white look of a suburban home, using tongue and groove boards for wall paneling can help you achieve a wide range of styles. This joint type is a great option because it adds to the atmosphere without taking attention away from your other decorations.

Ceiling Work

Tongue and groove ceiling planks are also popular in modern buildings. These joints transform plain ceilings into fun spaces that visitors notice when they enter your home or business.


Many installers use these boards for wainscoting. With these joints, you can add a creative element to otherwise plain rooms with less effort than other design options.

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